sept 5/RUN

3 miles
school loops*
57 degrees

*Ran by both elementary schools that the kids attended: 36th st, east/edmund, south/42nd st, west/loop around Hiawatha Elementary/43rd ave, north/1.5 loops around Howe Elementary/44th ave, north/35th st, west/43rd ave, south

For a few months, Scott has been doing loops around the schools. I finally decided to try it. Nice. Had some memories as I ran by the schools, especially Hiawatha (K-2). My last kid left there 6 years ago. Now she’s starting high school on Tuesday. I feel like the distance was wrong–a little short. Was it? According to my watch, my last mile was a lot slower than my first two but I don’t remember slowing down. Either the distance is wrong or I really need to take a break. I’ll have to try running it again and see if I get the same distance–or maybe I just shouldn’t worry about times or distance?

Don’t remember thinking about much. Didn’t see the river or any roller skiers or Dave, the Daily Walker. Encountered some bikes, runners, walkers. Can’t remember if I heard any acorns falling. I do remember hearing a few crows noisily cawing as I started my run.

Speaking of birds, a few hours after my run, Scott and I took Delia the dog on a long walk to turkey hollow. 13 turkeys, including a young one. Nice!