may 14/RUN

5.25 miles
ford loop
60 degrees

To celebrate being fully vaccinated, Scott and I ran the Ford loop together. Today marks 2 weeks since our second pfizer shots.

Things I Remember

  1. The river looking blue and calm
  2. Seeing a robin’s red breast as they walked down the path in front of us
  3. Hearing but not seeing some rowers starting out from the rowing club dock
  4. Thinking about the eagle that used to perch on the dead branch right by the lake street bridge as we walked down the steps from the bridge to the trail
  5. Noticing how big some of the houses on the east river road were
  6. Hearing the water at shadow falls gushing down in the ravine as we ran up the big hill towards Summit Avenue
  7. Stopping at the overlook and admiring the view while talking about how having more than a billion dollars was not evidence of success but of unconscionable excess
  8. STA counting the pillars on Ford–according to him there are 101. Today he only counted 98
  9. As we headed down the hill back to the trail hearing geese honking
  10. Waving and greeting lots of people

Seeing the robin and their red breast on the walk in front of us, reminded me of Emily Dickinson and her poem about the bird that came down the walk one day and did not know she saw, but since I already posted that one in March, I looked for another ED robin poem. I like this one:

If I shouldn’t be alive/ Emily Dickinson

If I shouldn’t be alive
When the Robins come,
Give the one in Red Cravat,
A Memorial crumb –

If I couldn’t thank you,
Being fast asleep,
You will know I’m trying
With my Granite lip!