January 2019

Word Play: Spoonerism blushing crows instead of crushing blow

Potential Projects:

  • the body: think more about my body (and the body) and my sometimes strained relationship with it as I’ve gotten older and it doesn’t work as effortlessly as it used to.
  • layers:, I’m curious about layers, literal (as in layers of clothing, layers of sound, layers of ice) and metaphorical (layers of anxiety, doubt, joy, ideas, meanings). Inner and Outer weather shedding skin inside and outside (see document)
  • feels like temp: develop my own system for determining/describing the feels like temperature.
  • Workbook with Exercises

Reoccurring Themes:

  • Restlessness
  • What do I think about when I am running? [Who am I when I am running?]
  • Body Parts, this year: the foot
  • Dreamlike state of running
  • Icy Paths—Wittgenstein’s need for rough ground
  • Running Routes

Started wet, ended cold. Arctic hellscape cold.

I have found it/ sara lynne puotinen

the answer to the question–
how cold is too cold to run outside?
Today tomorrow
wind chills reaching down
to 50 below
Why did I provoke winter
making them wonder
how cold
cold would
have to be
for me
to declare,
“this is too cold!”?
Next time
I should keep
my mouth shut.

Feels like temp on Jan 30: -49
anemometer measures wind speed, feels like measurement based on humidity, wind speed, time of year, type of ground cover and average adult walking outside in the shade

“The wind chill is how cold it actually feels on your skin when the wind is factored in” (weather.com).