COVID-19 has forced me to run near the river differently this summer. Wanting to keep a lot more than 6 feet of distance from others, I’m not comfortable running on the narrow paved trails right above the gorge. Thankfully, there are other options. The river road is closed to cars so I can run on it, and the two roads between the neighborhood and the river road (Edmund Boulevard, south of Lake Street; Seabury Avenue, north of Lake Street) are never that crowded. But they are also not that long. So, I’m planning to run loops. Gradually, throughout May, I’ve been figuring a series of loops, some short, some longer, that I can run regularly.

I already have loop routes, like the franklin bridge loop or the ford bridge loop, and I have lots of turn arounds–the trestle turn around, franklin hill turn around, downtown and back. But I rarely do repeat loops. I am excited to experiment with them this summer; I think they might help my running and inspire some interesting creative projects.

This might change, but for now, I’m using this page as a space for links, information, and my writing and running experiments. I’m also tagging loops entries with loops.


*most loops head south on west river pkwy and head north on edmund bvld; the 4 mile loop heads north on west river pkwy and south on seabury ave

  • .75 loop/ 36th st to 38th ste and back
  • 1 mile loop/ 36th st to 32nd st and back
  • 1.5 mile loop/ 36th st to 42nd st and back
  • 1.75 miles/ 36th st to 32nd to 38th and back
  • 2.5 miles/ 32nd st to 42nd st and back
  • 3 miles/ 36th st to 46th st and back
  • 4 miles/ 36th st to 24th st and back

Thinking about loops, resources