poems gathered

from 2017-present, in the order that they originally appeared in my log.

In February of 2019, after noticing I had only posted 31 poems in over 500 entries, I decided to try posting one at the end of each log entry. Mostly I found these poems through my morning ritual of reading the poem of the day on poets.org, poetryfoundation.org, poems.com, and slowdownshow.org. Sometimes I found them on twitter. And sometimes I found them by looking up key words related to my mood, the date, or something I was paying attention to beside the gorge. Log entries with poems in them are tagged poem.

  1. Wish You Were Here/ Rachel Zucker
  2. O Autumn! Autumn!/ Effie Lee Newsome
  3. Can You Imagine?/ Mary Oliver
  4. What is it?/ Mary Oliver
  5. Crows/ Marilyn Nelson
  7. The Change/ Alicia Ostriker
  8. The Green Eye/James Merrill
  9. Answer in Green/Florence Dickinson Stern
  10. Green/ DH Lawrence
  11. Cottonwood/Kathy Fagan from Sycamore
  12. Surrender/Geraldine Connolly
  13. Long Live the Weeds/Theodore Roethke
  14. Summer Rain/John Waters
  15. Swimming in the Rain/ Chana Bloch
  16. Heavy Summer Rain/ Jane Kenyon
  17. Triad/ Adelaide Crapsey
  18. Who Has Seen the Wind/ Christina Rossetti
  19. The Ceiling/ Theodore Roethke
  20. The Chair/ Theodore Roethke
  21. Monologue for an Onion/ Suji Kwock Kim
  22. Tree at My Window/ Robert Frost
  23. Hymn to Life/ James Schuyler
  24. Spell to Practice Patience/ Ann V. DeVilbiss
  25. Speculations about “I”/ Toi Derricotte
  26. Kinds of Snow/ Su Smallen
  27. Snow-flakes/ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  28. Windows/ Randall Jarrell
  29. Keeping Quiet/ Pablo Neruda
  30. Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow/ Robert Duncan and PF podcast about it
  31. Instructions on Not Giving Up/ Ada Limón
  32. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude/ Ross Gay
  33. To the New Journal/ Susan Rich
  34. Winter Branches/ Margaret Widdemer
  35. February/ Jack Collom
  36. February/ Bill Christophersen
  37. Dear March — Come in — (1320)/ Emily Dickinson
  38. from The Black Maria/ Aracelis Girmay
  39. From a Window/ Christian Wiman
  40. Salt/ Huang Fan
  41. from Eucalyptus/ Linda Hogan
  42. The Way In/ Linda Hogan
  43. Seasons/ John Haag
  44. Footnotes/ John Haag
  45. Layers/ J. Laughlin
  46. Cell/ Naomi Cohn
  47. The Chairs That No One Sits In/ Billy Collins
  48. Listen/ Didi Jackson
  49. The Rainwalkers/ Denise Levertov
  50. Fog/ Carl Sandburg
  51. Abecedarian Requiring Further Examination of Anglikan Seraphym Subjugation of a Wild Indian Rezervation/ Natalie Diaz
  52. Sight/ W.S. Merwin
  53. Confessions of a Nature Lover/ Bob Hicok
  54. Body and Soul/ Sharon Bryan
  55. Before I got my eye put out — (336)/ Emily Dickinson
  56. Hearing Loss/ Noah Baldino
  57. Shedding Skin/ Harryette Mullen
  58. Out, Out–/ Robert Frost
  59. Are you sewing, Mom?/ Angeline Schellenberg
  60. Neighbor Sweeping His Porch/ Keith Leonard
  61. Dust of Snow/ Robert Frost
  62. Introduction to Poetry/ Billy Collins
  63. Why Bother?/ Sean Thomas Dougherty
  64. Words are Birds/ Fransico X. Alarcón
  65. Holdfast/ Robun Beth Schaer
  66. Snow in April/ Lenora Speyer
  67. Bel Canto/ Jane Yeh
  68. Ballad in A/ Cathy Park Hong
  69. Inside Out/ Bill Take
  70. The Poet to the Reader/ James Laughlin
  71. In the Snow/ James Laughlin
  72. Little Bits of Paper: An Ars Poetic/James Laughlin
  73. Thinking of Frost/ Major Jackson
  74. The Longest Year/ James Laughlin
  75. homage to my hips/ Lucille Clifton
  76. Same Sun, Same Moon, Same River/ Neil Carpathios
  77. Weight/ Carolina Ebeid
  78. Drifting/ Aya Satoh
  79. The End and the Beginning/ Wis£awa Szymborska
  80. Wondrous/ Sarah Freligh
  81. Don’t You Wonder Sometimes/ Tracy K. Smith
  82. Anti-Elegy/ Cameron Akward-Rich
  83. Two Sewing/ Hazel Hall
  84. Another Poem About a Mountain/ Joseph Rios
  85. Life is Beautiful/ Dorianne Laux
  86. Summer Haibun/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  87. Forsythe Avenue/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  88. Manhattan/ Howard Horowitz
  89. Leg of Lamb/ Bernadette Mayer
  90. And the Old Man Speaks of Paradise: a Ghazal/ Wang Ping
  91. Winter Trees/ William Carlos Williams
  92. Haiku Journey/ Kimberly Blaeser
  93. Blue Octavo Haiku/ Rachel Wetzshteon
  94. Joy/ Miller Oberman
  95. Birds Punctuate the Days/ Joyce Clement
  96. I Don’t Know What You’re Called, I’ll Call You by Your Sounds/ Susan Landers
  97. Field Guide to the Chaparral/ Leah Naomi Green
  98. Emily and Walt/ Campbell McGrath
  99. Things to Do In The Kitchen/ Miriam Solan
  100. How to Get There/ Philip Levine
  101. Dewpoint Hygrometer Using a System of Primary Measurement/ Franklin W. Kirk and Nicholas R. Romboi
  102. this beginning may have always meant this end/ Camille T. Dungy
  103. So Many/ John Pluecker
  104. The Trees Delete Themselves/ Francis Ponge
  105. Beehive/ Jean Toomer
  106. Mending Wall/ Robert Frost
  107. The Prose Poem/ Campbell McGrath
  108. Swimming/ Sarah Arvio
  109. The Fish/ Elizabeth Bishop
  110. Breathe. As in. (shadow)/ Rosamond S. King
  111. Morningside Heights, July/ William Matthews
  112. Lakes Rivers Streams/ Michael Dickman
  113. A poem from Bao Phi
  114. At the Lake House/ Jon Loomis
  115. Summer/ Ronald Johnson
  116. Ah, Ah/ Joy Harjo
  117. Dart/ Alice Oswald
  118. Mosquito/ Myronn Hardy
  119. [mosquito at my ear]/ Kobayashi Issa
  120. 13 Lines about Walls/ Denise Duhamel & Maureen Seaton
  121. Lounging on the Couch on my 39th Birthday in Pink Flannel Donut Pajamas/ Julie Danho
  122. Song/ Lloyd Schwartz
  123. The Rules/ Leila Chatti
  124. Theory of Writing/ Souvankham Thammavongsa
  125. [For a few days: frost]/ Jehanne Dubrow
  126. No Apology: A Poemifesto/ Carmen Smith Giménez
  127. The Month of June: 13 1/2/ Sharon Olds
  128. Woman Waving to Trees/ Dorothea Tanning
  129. Preface from ‘swims’/ Elizabeth-Jane Burnett
  130. Breathing/ Mark O’Brien
  131. Our Valley/ Philip Levine
  132. Summer/ Carlo Betochhi
  133. Out of Water/ Marie Ponsot
  134. Songs of the Open Road, 3/ Walt Whitman
  135. Springing/ Marie Ponsot
  136. Achingly Beautiful How the Sky Blooms Under at the End of the Day, Through the Canopy/ Gabrielle Calvocoressi
  137. Poem Beginning with a Retweet/ Maggie Smith
  138. Sixteen Theses on Walking and Poetry/ Mátyás Dunajcsik
  139. Postscript/ Seamus Heaney
  140. A Kind of Meadow/ Carl Phillips
  141. The Runners/ Irving Feldman
  142. What Lights Up…?/ Keki Daruwalla
  143. “Babel”/ Kimberly Johnson
  144. Morning Swim/ Maxine Kumin
  145. Let us for a moment call this pain by other words/ Dominik Parisien
  146. Writing a Poem/ Shirley Geok-lin Lim
  147. Boy Crazy/ Carmen Giménez Smith
  148. Property/ Emily Hunt
  149. To a Poor Old Woman/ William Carlos Williams
  150. When I Am Asked/ Lisel Mueller
  151. Lake Water/ David Ferry
  152. The Voice of God/ Crystal Williams
  153. Water Picture/ May Swenson
  154. From Blossoms/ Li-Young Lee
  155. O, She Says/ Hailey Leithauser
  156. Halos/ Ed Bok Lee
  157. Seek/ Sophia Holtz
  158. Three Songs and the End of Summer/ Jane Kenyon
  159. Let’s Not Begin/ Maggie Smith
  160. Duplex (I Being with Love)/ Jericho Brown
  161. Be Water My Friend/ Bruce Lee
  162. Poplar Street/ Chen Chen
  163. And Swept All Visible Signs Away/ Carl Phillips
  164. When We Look Up/ Denise Levertov
  165. excerpt from The Gold Cell/ Sharon Olds
  166. Still Burning/ Gerald Stern
  167. Profit/Loss Statement/ Harlan Bjornstad
  168. Sorrow is Not My Name/ Ross Gay
  169. Sometimes/ Mary Oliver
  170. Saltern/ Emma Aylor
  171. Wild Geese/ Mary Oliver
  172. Lake Superior/ Lorine Niedecker
  173. Doppler Effect/ Arthur Sze
  174. Learning the Trees/ Howard Nemerov
  175. The Heat of Autumn/ Jane Hirshfield
  176. Beginning/ Claire Wahmanholm
  177. Almanac/ Claire Wahmanholm
  178. A Blank White Page/ Francisco Alarcón
  179. Nature Aria/ Yi Lei
  180. To the Light of September/ W.S. Merwin
  181. October/ May Swenson
  182. Rabbits and Fire/ Alberto Ríos
  183. Spring and Fall/ Gerard Manley Hopkins
  184. One Heart/ yi-young lee
  185. Nominal/ Ann Lauterbach
  186. Vow/ Diana Khoi Nguyen
  187. The Walrus and the Carpenter/ Lewis Carroll
  188. Map Poetry Presentation/ Lisa Charlotte Rost
  189. Daughter/ Jon Pineda
  190. Practice/ Ellen Bryant Voigt
  191. When the Light Betrays Us Twice/ Marisa Crane
  192. My Invisible Horse and the Speed of Human Decency/ Matthew Olzmann
  193. Prayer to be Still and Know/ Nickole Brown
  194. A Rhyme for Halloween/ Maurice Kilwein Guevara
  195. How Wonderful/ Irving Feldman
  196. The Cave/ Paul Tran
  197. Fall/ Edward Hirsch
  198. Eagle Poem/ Joy Harjo
  199. Mindful/ Mary Oliver
  200. I Looked for Life and Did a Shadow See/ James Galvin
  201. Elms/ Lousie Glück
  202. Knocks on the door/ Maram al-Massri
  203. Doors/ Carl Sandburg
  204. Self-Portrait as a Series of Bluffs/ Chris Hayes
  205. Usage/ Hayan Charara
  206. The Hum/ Maggie Smith
  207. The Delight Song of Tsoai-talee/ N. Scott Momaday
  208. November/ Maggie Dietz
  209. The Crazy Woman/ Gwendolyn Brooks
  210. Happiness/ Jane Kenyon
  211. [Lately when sorrows come]/ Susan Laughter Meyers
  212. View to the North/ May Swenson
  213. Like Coins, November/ Elizabeth Klise Zerneck
  214. November/ Lucy Larcom
  215. Four-Word Lines/ May Swenson
  216. The Letter A/ Darren Sardelli
  217. Let it Be Forgotten/ Sarah Teasdale
  218. December/ David Baker
  219. Heartbeat/ Melvin Dixon
  220. Cherry Blossoms/ Toi Derricotte
  221. Hotel Lullaby/ Srikanth Reddy
  222. Epistemology/ Catherine Barnett
  223. What Would Root/ Katie Farris
  224. “Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314)/ Emily Dickinson
  225. It’s all I have to bring today (26)/ Emily Dickinson
  226. Outside the Window the Whole World is Humming/ Devin Kelly
  227. October/ Louise Glück 
  228. The Body/ Marianne Boruch
  229. Rapture/ Linda Hogan
  230. Summer’s Bounty/ May Swenson
  231. We Are Monica/ Victoria Chang
  232. What Big Eyes You Have/ Heather Christle
  233. White Eyes/ Mary Oliver
  234. Sojourns in the Parallel World/ Denise Levertov 
  235. Erstwhile Harbinger Auspices/ Matthew Zapruder
  236. Stranger by Night/ Edward Hirsch
  237. Abstract/ Todd Dillard
  238. Disclosure/ Camisha L. Jones
  239. 2 Mississippi/ Steve Healey
  240. The Spider/ Heather Christle
  241. Living in the Body/ Joyce Sutphen
  243. Did Rise/ Jessica Rae Bergamino
  245. Pine/ Susan Steward
  246. Singularity/ Marie Howe
  247. Love/ Alex Dimitrov
  248. Occasional Poem/ JACQUELINE WOODSON
  249. Blue/ ROBERT L. JONES
  250. Some Waynes/ WAYNE HOLLOWAY-SMITH
  251. excerpt from Ode to a Blizzard/ TOM DISCH
  252. Lines for Winter/ DAVE LUCA
  253. Natural Forces/ Vicente Huidobro
  254. MAKING LISTS/Imtiaz Dharker
  255. Thrown away/ Imtiaz Dharker
  256. Lost/ David Wagoner
  257. Because my grief was a tree/ Nicky Beer
  258. Brian Age Seven/ Mark Doty
  259. I Heart Your Dog’s Head/ Erin Belieu
  260. A Study in Eventuality/ Cristina Correa
  261. Threshold/ Maggie Smith
  262. Five Flights Up/ Elizabeth Bishop
  263. What Kindergarten and Partial Hospitalization Have in Common/ IZZY CASEY
  264. Notes on Un-Apology/ Erin Slaughter
  265. The Blink Reflex/ Rick Barot
  266. The Work of Happiness/ May Sarton
  267. Ash/ Tracy K. Smith
  268. My Weather/ Jane Hirshfield
  269. Diana Khoi Nguyen/ Tripthych
  270. A Skull/ Dana Levin
  271. Tomorrow and Tomorrow Again/ Craig Morgan Teicher
  272. Eye Contact/ Craig Morgan Teicher
  273. OBIT [Memory]/ Victoria Chang
  274. Unwished For/ Shira Erlichman
  275. I’m Nobody! Who are you? (260)/ Emily Dickinson
  276. Just As The Calendar Began to Say Summer/ Mary Oliver (Long Life)
  277. Breakage/ Mary Oliver
  278. The Real Prayers are Not the Words, But the Attention that Comes First/ Mary Oliver
  279. Auto-lullaby/ Franz Wright
  280. TO CAST/ Yesenia Montilla
  281. Tell all the truth but tell it slant/ Emily Dickinson
  282. “Faith” is fine invention (202)/ Emily Dickinson
  283. Slam, Dunk, & Hook/ Yusef Komunyakaa
  284. Goodbye to Tolerance/ Denise Levertov
  286. Small Kindnesses/ Danusha Laméris
  287. Bliss Point or What Can Best Be Achieved by Cheese/ Benjamin Garcia
  288. Prompts (for High School Teachers Who Write Poetry)/ Dante Di Stefano
  289. Wind/ Florida Watts Smyth
  290. POEM WHITE PAGE WHITE PAGE POEM/ from Muriel Rukeyser’s “The Gates”
  291. Fool’s Gold/ Ted Mathys
  292. Rain, New Year’s Eve/ Maggie Smith (from Good Bones)
  293. Because You Asked about the Line Between Prose and Poetry/ Howard Nemerov – 1920-1991
  294. BREATH/ Lee Potts
  295. Poem/ Charles Bernstein – 1950-
  296. from The Victorious Ones”/ Chris Nealon
  297. Social Distancing/ Juan Phillipe Herrera
  298. Things I Didn’t Know I Loved/ Nazim Hikmet – 1902-1963
  299. Pandemania/ BY DANIEL HALPERN
  300. Song of a Second April/ Edna St. Vincent Millay – 1892-1950
  301. Dust/ Dorianne Laux
  302. Things to Do in the Belly of the Whale/ Dan Albergotti
  303. To make a prairie (1755)/ Emily Dickinson – 1830-1886
  304. In the name of the Bee –/ Emily Dickinson
  305. ABC/ Robert Pinsky
  306.   Disorderly Abecedarian 2: Return/ Devon Miller-Duggan
  307. from Maud (Part I)/ ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON
  308. I’m Going Back to Minnesota Where Sadness Makes Sense/ Danez Smith
  309. Dear One Absent This Long While/ Lisa Olstein
  310. ANTHEM/ Aaliya Zaveri
  311. Ode to My Right Knee/ Rita Dove
  312. WATER/ Li Young-Lee
  313. Magdalene—The Seven Devils/ Marie Howe
  314. May/ Jonathan Galassi
  315. I Am Learning To Abandon the World/ Linda Pastan
  316. [the snow is melting]/ BY KOBAYASHI ISSA, TRANSLATED BY ROBERT HASS
  317. ADVICE FROM A BAT/ Michael T. Young
  318. Song of Myself, 6 [A child said, What is the grass?]/ Walt Whitman
  319. Push the button, hear the sound/ HELEN MORT
  320. I Look Up from My Book and Out at the World through Reading Glasses/ Diane Seuss
  321. Eyesight/ A.R. Ammons
  322. What Kind of Times Are These/ ADRIENNE RICH
  323. Resistance/ TRACI BRIMHALL
  324. Mirror/ Rita Dove
  325. Voiceover/ Rita Dove
  326. I dwell in Possibility – (466)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  327. Perhaps you tire of birds/ Donika Kelly
  328. Self-Portrait as a Door/ Donika Kelly
  329. truth/ GWENDOLYN BROOKS
  330. O/ Chaire Wahmanholm
  331. HUMMINGBIRD ABECEDARIAN/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  332. The Stuff Astounding: A Poem for Juneteenth/ Patricia Smith
  333. won’t you celebrate with me/ Lucille Clifton
  334. A Lecture on Aphids/ Charles Goodrich
  335. eyeye/ Aram Saroyan
  336. Poem Recognizing Someone in the Street/ Aram Saroyan
  337. The World Has Need of You/ Ellen Bass
  338. I Go Down To The Shore/ Mary Oliver
  339. Ars Poetica/ Aracelis Girmay
  340. Memorizing “The Sun Rising” by John Donne/ BILLY COLLINS
  341. Nothing/ Krysten Hill
  342. Proverbs and Canticles/ Antonio Machado
  343. Abecedarian For the Future/ Ada Limón
  344. What Issa Heard/ David Budbill
  345. Goshen/ Ruth Stone
  346. Eyes/ Laura Riding Jackson
  347. Grasshopper/ Ted Kooser
  348. The Early Bird/ Ted Kooser
  349. The Birds begun at Four o’clock —/ Emily Dickinson
  350. A Bird, came down the Walk – (359)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  351. Wintergreen Ridge /Lorine Niedecker
  352. TIME FOR SERENITY, ANYONE?/ William Stafford
  353. from Song of the Open Road/ Walt Whitman
  354. When You Walk Over the Earth/ Katie Farris 
  355. My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun (764)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  356. Listening/ Elizabeth Hoover
  357. Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout/ GARY SNYDER
  358. Vertigo/ LES MURRAY
  359. The Grackle/ Ogden Nash
  360. September First Again/Phillis Levin
  361. THIS IS WHAT YOU SHALL DO/Walt Whitman
    preface to Leaves of Grass
  362. Wind in the Grass/ Mark Van Doren
  363. further & further/ Lauren Holden
  364. ODE TO THE LETTER B / Aracelis Girmay
  365. An Old-Fashioned Song/ John Hollander – 1929-2013
  367. Optometrist/ Sun Yu Pai
  368. Les Étiquettes Jaunes/ Frank O’Hara
  369. Holmes Lake/ Jessica Poli 
  370. October/ ROBERT FROST
  371. First Leaf/ Lia Purpura
  372. Leaves/ Lloyd Schwartz
  373. Corsons Inlet/ A. R. Ammons
  374. Ode to the Head Nod/ Elizabeth Acevedo
  375. Logic/Richard Siken
  376. Wrong Side of the River/ Stanley Plumly
  377. The Precision of Pain and the Blurriness of Joy/ Yehuda Amichai
  378. Snow flakes. (45)/ Emily Dickinson
  379. Beginning/ JAMES WRIGHT
  380. My Doubt/ Jane Hirshfield – 1953-
  381. Black Cat/ Rainer Maria Rilke
  382. A Rogue Dream/ Melanie Figg
  383. The Copper Beech/ MARIE HOWE
  384. Wind/ Emily Dickinson
  385. In the Event of My Death/ Katie Farris
  386. In the Evening/ William Reichard
  387. Praise Song for the Day/ ELIZABETH ALEXANDER
  388. A Divine Image/ William Blake
  389. The Fly/ William Blake
  390. Cold Morning/ Eamon Grennan
  391. What Things Want/ Robert Bly – 1926-
  392. In drear nighted December/ John Keats – 1795-1821
  393. A woodpecker’s/ PHILIP GROSS
  394. Real Estate/ Richard Siken
  395. In Wiry Winter/ James Schuyler
  396. The Guest House/ Rumi
  397. How It Happens/ W.S. Merwin
  399. Winter Poem/ Donika Kelly
  400. Triolet on a Line Apocryphally Attributed to Martin Luther/ A.E. STALLINGS
  401. notes on winter holidays/ daniel biegelson
  402. I Refuse to Report Bugs to Their Creator/ BRAYAN SALINAS
  403. The Hill We Climb/ Amanda Gorman
  404. THINGS TO DO/ James Schuyler
  405. Story/ Tiana Clark
  406. The Snow/ James Schuyler
  407. Status Update/ Rebecca Lindenbery
  408. Perfect Song/ Heather Christle
  409. What You Missed That Day You Were Absent from Fourth Grade/ Brad Aaron Modlin
  410. I am afraid to own a body/ Emily Dickinson
  411. Instructions for Opening a Door/ Adriana Cloud
  412. Skin Tight/ Ishmael Reed
  413. Dear March—Come in—
  414. If recollecting were forgetting
  415. I tie my Hat — I crease my Shawl —
  416. There’s a certain Slant of light (258)
  417. I measure every Grief I meet (561)
  418. I’m Nobody! Who are you? (260)*
  419. After great pain, a formal feeling comes – (372)
  420. Because I could not stop for Death – (479)
  421. A Bird, came down the Walk – (359)
  422. Crumbling is not an instant’s Act (1010)
  423. Fame is a bee. (1788)
  424. “Hope” is the thing with feathers – (314)
  425. Have you got a Brook in your little heart
  426. I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, (340)
  427. I heard a Fly buzz – when I died – (591)
  428. My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun (764)
  429. We grow accustomed to the Dark —
  430. There is no Frigate like a Book (1286)
  431. Some keep the Sabbath going to Church – (236)
  432. Goldenrod/ Maggie Smith
  433. ‘Tis so much joy! ‘Tis so much joy!
  434. A lane of Yellow led the eye (1650)
  435. I dreaded that first Robin, so, (1862)
  436. To interrupt His Yellow Plan(1863)
  437. The morns are meeker than they were
  438. Meditations in an Emergency/ Cameron Awkward-Rich
  439. I felt a Cleaving in my Mind—*
  440. I saw no Way — The Heavens were stitched — (1863)
  441. Without this — there is nought — (1862)
  442. Privacy/ Ada Limón
  443. Work from The Leaf and the Cloud
  444. Hum
  445. April
  446. What We Want
  447. I Worried and Don’t Hesitate
  448. Softest of Mornings from Long Life
  449. Two Kinds of Deliverance
  450. To a Snail/ Marianne Moore
  451. Just as the Calendar Began to Say Summer
  452. Wind in the Pines and Bird in the Pepper Tree/ Swan
  454. 4 Sonnets from Swan and Evidence from Evidence
  455. Stars from West Wind
  456. Yellow, Then the Bluebird Sang, The Poet Always Carries a Notebookfrom Evidence
  457. Pastoral/ Forest Gander
  458. Deep Summer, I Want to Write Something So Simple
  459. Dogfish, Trilliums (from Dreams)
  460. Luke, The Summer Day
  461. Everything
  462. Bobolink/ Didi Jackson
  463. Sunrise
  464. The Leaf and the Cloud
  465. The Trees, Answers
  466. Such Singing in the Wild Branches from Owls and Other Fantasies
  467. Sometimes
  468. No Murder Of Crows/ J. Drew Lanham
  469. Beat! Beat! Drums!/ Walt Whitman – 1819-1892
  470. Enough/ Jeffrey Harrison
  471. Terns/ Mary Oliver
  472. Praying/ Mary Oliver
  473. Work
  474. Don’t put up my Thread and Needle — / Emily Dickinson
  476. A Heron/ Ted Kooser
  477. Syrinx/ Amy Clampitt – 1920-1993
  478. The Most Triumphant Bird/ Emily Dickinson
  479. Starlings/ Maggie Smith from Goldenrod
  480. From Nowhere/ Marie Howe
  481. Vanishing/ Brittney Corrigan
  482. Octoroon Warbler/ J. Drew Lanham
  483. For the Birds/ JOHN SHOPTAW
  484. Birdcall/ Alicia Ostriker
  485. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird/ WALLACE STEVENS
  486. If I shouldn’t be alive/ Emily Dickinson
  487. Dawn Chorus/ SASHA DUGDALE
  488. The Birds begun at Four o’clock —/ Emily Dickinson
  489. Bewilderment/ Rumi
  490. Much Madness is divinest Sense – (620)/ EMILY DICKINSON
  491. The Language of the Birds/ Richard Siken
  492. Still/ Margaret Renkl
  493. Of Being is a Bird/ Emily Dickinson
  494. Going Down Hill on a Bicycle/ Henry Charles Beeching
  495.  The Original Lyric Ballads Version of Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”
  496. Wind, Water, Stone/ OCTAVIO PAZ
  497. Evaporations/ Alice Oswald
  498. The Museum of Stones/ Carolyn Forché 
  499. These Poems/ June Jordan – 1936-2002
  500. Poet’s work/ LORINE NIEDECKER
  501. Paean to Place/ LORINE NIEDECKER
  502. The Song of Hiawatha/ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  503. from EXAQUA [Oh, that’s what I was]/ Jan-Henry Gray
  504. The Humpbacks/ Mary Oliver
  505. ROCK BOTTOM/ Eamon Grennan
  506. Buoy/ Savannah V. Evans
  507. The Blind Leading The Blind/ Lisel Mueller
  508. Not the Thing but a Fossil of the Thing/ Rebecca Foust
  509. A Short Story of Falling/ ALICE OSWALD
  510. Conversation with a Pebble/Alyson Hallett
  511. To chlorophyll, refineries, coal, furnaces beneath early skyscrapers, fossils/ Caroline Kenworthy
  512. A Swim in Co. Wicklow/ DEREK MAHON
  513. Erosion/ Linda Pastan
  514. excerpt from The Half Finished Heaven/ Tomas Tranströmer
  515. Under Pressure/ Tomas Tranströmer
  516. Erosion/ Eamon Grennan
  517. Rockpile/ Robert Morgan
  518. SWIMMER (FEMALE)*/ Concha Méndez
  519. The Unnamed River/ Arthur Sze
  520. The Nude Swim/ Anne Sexton
  521. Water in Love/ Ed Bok Lee
  522. Open Water/ Ada Limón
  523. a few delightful verses by Lorine Niedecker
  524. Smile/ Lorine Niedecker
  525. Fog-thick morning/ Lorine Niedecker
  526. Wife for Scale/ Maggie Smith
  527. Balance/ Alice B. Fogel
  528. The Thing Is/ Ellen Bass
  529. The Pond at Dusk/ JANE KENYON
  530. Exercise/ W.S. Merwin (may 1972)
  531. To Swim, To Believe/ Maxine Kumin
  533. After the Dragonflies/ W.S. Merwin
  534. Wilderness/ Carl Sandburg
  536. 7 Shard/ CAConrad
  537. Sound Waves/ Amy Ludwig VanDerwate
  538. After the Rain/ Jared Carter
  539. WAVE AFTER WAVE/ M. Bartley Seigel
  540. Sea Poem/ Alice Oswald
  541. the lesson of the falling leaves/ lucille clifton
  542. Love (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) / Bob Dorough
  543. Down with Love/ Blossom Dearie
  544. Good Bones/ Maggie Smith
  545. Heart / Maggie Smith
  546. Heart to Heart/ Rita Dove
  547. The More Loving One/ W. H. Auden
  548. Small Kindnesses/ Danusha Laméris
  549. I wanted to be surprised./ Jane Hirshfield
  550. Bioluminescence/ Paul Tran
  551. 5 Poems/ Amorak Huey
  552. The Swimmer/ Mary Oliver
  553. Green Koan/ Rita Dove
  554. Sky Coming Forward/ Carl Phillips
  555. Cello/ Dorianne Laux
  556. The Patience of Ordinary Things/ Pat Schneider
  557. Loving and Liking: Irregular Verses Addressed to a Child/ Dorothy Wordsworth
  558. The First Water Is the Body/ Natalie Diaz
  559. Why Write Love Poetry in a Burning World/ Katie Farris
  560. Approximate Poem/ Paul Hall (1977)
  561. There Is No Word/ TONY HOAGLAND
  562. Late Summer/ JENNIFER GROTZ
  563. MAN WITH METAL DETECTOR / Robert B. Shaw
  564. The Fish/ Mary Oliver
  565. May Day Midnight/ Michael Palmer
  566. [I remember partially]/ Jane Huffman
  567. The Cucumber/ Nazim Hikmet
  568. Nothing Gold Can Stay/ Robert Frost
  569. Short Story/ Ellen Bryant Voigt
  570. When Night is almost done – / Emily Dickinson
  571. Travelling Together/ W.S. Merwin
  572. Miss you. Would like to take a walk with you./ GABRIELLE CALVOCORESSI
  573. October/ Robert Frost
  574. Neighbors in October/ DAVID BAKER
  575. Unbidden/ Rae Armantrout
  576. Haunt/ Maya Phillips
  577. Seven Types of Shadow – an extract / U A Fanthorpe
  578. Portrait of a Figure Near Water/ Jane Kenyon
  579. Island/ Rita Dove
  580. The Road Not Taken/ Robert Frost
  581. Page/ Jane Hirshfield
  582. The Bells/ Edgar Allen Poex
  583. A Ring/ W.S. Merwin
  584. A Rhyme for Halloween/ Maurice Kilwein Guevara
  585. Fall, leaves, fall/ EMILY BRONTË
  586. excerpt from November/ Lucy Larcom
  587. Prints/ Joseph Bruchac
  588. Perennials/ Maggie Smith
  589. from The Leaf and the Cloud/ Mary Oliver
  590. from Wintergreen Ridge/Lorine Niedecker
  591. In the Meantime/ Max Garland
  592. Passive Voice/ LAURA DA’
  593. How Dark the Beginning/ Maggie Smith
  594. In Passing/ MATTHEW SHENODA
  595. Observations on the Ground/ Mary Ruefle
  596. Gratitude to Old Teachers / Robert Bly
  597. The Orange / Wendy Cope
  598. from Obit/ Victoria Chang
  599. from Among the Trees/ Carl Phillips
  600. First Snow/ Arthur Sze
  601. Ghosting/ Andrea Cohen
  602. The Wild Geese/ Victoria Chang
  603. Big Clock/ Li-Young Lee – 1957-
  604. Something Told the Wild Geese / Rachel Field
  605. Prayer 48/ EVA SAULITIS
  606. Sometimes, When the Light/ Lisel Mueller
  607. Things/ Lisel Mueller
  608. Holiday Wish/ David Baker
  609. Obligations 2/ Layli Long Soldier
  610. Eye Exam/ Arthur Sze
  611. In the Grand Scheme of Things/ Maggie Smith
  612. Love Letter/ Diane Seuss
  613. Forsythia/ Ada Limón
  614. Palimpsest/ Jared Carter 
  616. Left Open / Victoria Chang
  617. Left Open / W.S. Merwin
  618. Separation/ Victoria Chang
  619. Separation/ W. S. Merwin
  620. Daylight/ Victoria Chang
  621. The Wings of Daylight/ W. S. Merwin
  622. Ekphrasis as Eye Test/ Jane Zwart + slide show with paintings
  623. Ekphrasis as Eye-Test/ Amit Majmudar
  624. Fauve/ Arthur Sze in Dazzled
  625. Study the Masters/ Lucille Clifton
  626. Song/ Brigit Pegeen Kelly
  627. Letter to a Friend, Unsent/ Rebecca Lindenberg
  628. My Glasses/ Jane Hirshfield
  629. Saccadic Masking/ Paige Lewis
  630. Chapel of the Green Lord/ Paige Lewis
  631. Inspiration Point/ Jennifer Jean
  632. Missed Time/ Ha Jin
  633. Wigs Everywhere/ Justin Jannise
  634. from The Cataract of Lodore/ Robert Southey
  635. A Nearly Perfect Morning/ Jessica Greenbaum
  636. As Is/ Nicholas Friedman
  637. To the Mannequins/ HOWARD NEMEROV
  638. Praise the Rain/ JOY HARJO
  639. All Praises / Lucille Clifton
  640. Old Woman in a Housecoat/ GEORGIANA COHEN
  641. Design/ Robert Frost
  642. The Ships of Theseus/ STEVE GEHRKE
  643. Epitalamion/ Rebecca Lehmann
  644. excerpt of an excerpt IRL/ Tommy Pico
  645. Hum/ Yvonne Zipter
  646. The Husband’s Answers/ Rebecca Hazelton
  647. A little Madness in the Spring (1356) / Emily Dickinson
  648. Every day as a wide field, every page/ NAOMI SHIHAB NYE
  649. The Sun, Mad Envious, Just Want the Moon/ Patricia Smith
  650. Statement of Teaching Philosophy/ Keith Leonard
  651. Egrets/ Kevin Young
  652. Unfolding Center/ Arthur Sze
  653. Peripheral/ Hannah Emmerson
  654. Drift/ Alicia Mountain
  655. The River/ HUMBERTO AK’ABAL
  656. FIG TREE AT BIG SUR/ Kelly Cressio-Moeller
  657. Second Estrangement/ Aracelis Girmay
  658. How to Begin/ Catherine Abbey Hodges
  659. PLEA TO THE WIND/ Alice Oswald
  660. Dart/ Alice Oswald
  661. EXPERIENCE, A LOVE STORY/ Katie Peterson
  662. These are the days when Birds come back— / Emily Dickinson
  663. Sing a Darkness/Carl Phillips
  664. The Rock that Is Not a Rabbit/ Corey Marks
  666. A RUSHED ACCOUNT OF THE DEW / Alice Oswald
  667. I started Early — Took my Dog / Emily Dickinson
  668. I Wonder If I Need the Rapture or If I Could Just Swallow A Catastrophe and Call It Good / Kelli Russell Agodon
  669. Feeding the Worms/ Danish Lameris
  670. Ode to Dirt/ Sharon Olds
  671. Life is Beautiful/ DORIANNE LAUX
  672. Loam/ Carl Sandburg
  673. Unveiling/ Gail Mazur
  674. The Theft Outright/ Heid E. Erdrich
  675. Muddy/ Orlando White
  676. Into the Mud/ Joyce Sidman
  677. Entanglement/ Arthur Sze
  678. Mushroom Hunting in the Jemez Mountains/ Arthur Sze
  679. The Ants/ Matthew Rorher
  680. An Ordinary Misfortune [“She is girl. She is gravel.”]/ EMILY JUNGMIN YOON
  681. from Kingdom Animalia/ Aracelis Girmay
  682. The Golden Shovel/ TERRANCE HAYES
  683. We Real Cool/ Gwendolyn Brooks
  684. Dust Poem/ Philip Jenks
  685. Dusting/ Marilyn Nelson
  686. Dust/ Dorianne Laux
  687. The Garden Song/ sung by John Denver
  688. Digging/ Seamus Heaney
  689. Digging in the Dirt/ Peter Gabriel
  690. Pear Snow/ Todd Dillard
  691. Full of yourself/ Rumi
  692. ted talk/ JENNY ZHANG
  693. In the Basement of the Goodwill Store/ Ted Kooser
  694. Mushrooms/ Sylvia Plath
  695. For the Lobar, Usnea, Witches Hair, Map Lichen, Beard Lichen, Ground Lichen, Shield Lichen/ Jane Hirshfield
  696. I’d Rather Be / Mitchell Nobis
  697. The Echoing Green/ WILLIAM BLAKE
  698. All/ Jorie Graham
  699. Still Life with Window and Fish / Jorie Graham (recording)
  700. The Bees Have Been Cancelled/ Maya C. Popa
  701. For the Bird Singing before Dawn/ Kim Stafford
  702. Doors opening, closing on us/ Marge Piercy
  703. Persephone the Wanderer/ Louise Glück
  704. Where Every Bird is a Drone/ Tarik Dobbs
  705. excerpt from Nature Poem/ Tommy Pico
  706. In the Clearing/ Patricia Hopper
  707. Naming the Heartbeats/ Aimee Nezhukumatathil
  708. Hypothesis / Paul Tran
  709. Paprika/ Michelle Zauner
  710. I Would Do Anything For Love, But I Won’t/ Traci Brimhall
  711. Above, the Geese/ Gillian Sze
  712. selected tankas from Urban Tumbleweed/ Harryette Mullen
  713. First Grade/ RON KOERTGE
  714. The Sound of Trees/ ROBERT FROST
  715. Termites: An Assay/ Jane Hirshfield
  716. Becoming Moss/ Ella Frears
  717. Give Me This/ Ada Limón
  718. As from a Quiver of Arrows/ CARL PHILLIPS
  719. Oread/ H. D.
  720. Five Landscapes/ COLE SWENSEN
  721. Bird/ DORIANNE LAUX
  722. The Evidence is Everywhere/ Juan Delgado
  723. Swimming Laps/ Arthur Sze
  724. A Tree of Dignified Appearance/ Charles Simic
  725. For Rent/ Charles Simic
  726. Calling Things What They Are/ Ada Limón
  727. Could I/ Anne Carson
  728. excerpts from TL;DR/ CA Conrad
  729. How lucky we are That you can’t sell A poem / Gregory Orr
  730. To Know the Dark/ Wendell Berry
  731. My Meadow, My Twilight/ Carl Phillips
  732. from Google/ Leila Chatti
  733. The Ponds/ Mary Oliver
  734. Carrie / Ted Kooser
  735. Moon/ AMY E. SKLANSKY
  736. Thinking/ DANUSHA LAMÉRIS
  737. The Moment/ Marie Howe
  738. breaklight/ lucille clifton
  739. Do Not Ask Your Children To Strive for Extraordinary Things/ William Martin
  740. Moist/ Anna Myles
  741. Things I Should’ve Outgrown By Now/ Megan Williams
  742. Taking Your Olympic Measure/ Alberto Rios
  743. from The Trees Witness Everything/ Victoria Chang
  744. Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild/ Kathy Fish
  745.  Ignition Chronicles / CAConrad
  746. M. / Claire Wahmanholm
  747. A Blessing/ James Wright
  748. The Rain Stick/ Seamus Heaney
  749. Birdsong for Two Voices/ Alice Oswald
  750. from Nobody/ Alice Oswald
  751. crazy jay blue/ ee cummings
  752. Imaginary Conversation/ Linda Pastan
  753. With Ant and Celan/ Eamon Grennan
  754. The Sunset and the Purple-Flowered Tree/ Joshua Jennifer Espinoza
  755. the ones who stay :: faith shearin
  756. Living Here/ Cleopatra Mathis
  757. poem about water/ sam sax
  758. Girl in the Woods/ Alice White
  759. The Grove/ Jay Hopler
  760. A Drink of Water/ Jeffrey Harrison
  761. Water and Stone/ Frances Boyle
  762. to be of use :: marge piercy
  763. The Chipmunk/ Ogden Nash
  764. Vertical/ Linda Pastan
  765. Tender/ Sophie Klahr
  766. To the Person Who Marked Up This Book of Poetry/ Amy Miller
  767. Shirley, Midlake/ Tanis Rideout
  768. excerpt from Shirley As Drowned Ophelia/ Tanis Rideout
  769. Energy/ Beyoncé
  770. I heard a Fly buzz — when I died / Emily Dickinson
  771. The River/ Cole Swenson
  772. Glaucoma/ Charlene Fix
  773. Autumn/ Linda Pastan
  774. Fall/ Ed Ochester
  775. Along the River/ Lorine Niedecker
  776. I’ve Been Thinking about Love Again/ Vievee Francis
  777. A page from Frank: Sonnets/ Diane Seuss
  778. EDNA/ Todd Dillard
  779. Living Tenderly/ May Swenson
  780. The Secret in the Mirror/ Alberto Ríos
  781. The Night Migrations/ Louise Glück
  782. Forest of Beginnings/ Mai Der Vang
  783. Circle/Dana Knott
  784. The Beginning of the Beginning/ Phuong T. Vuong
  785. Part of Eve’s Discussion/ Marie Howe
  786. Threshold Gods/ Jenny George
  787. Song of the Witches: “Double, double, toil and trouble“/ William Shakespeare
  788. Transubstantiation/ Susan Firer
  789. Lost in Plain Sight/ Peter Schneider
  790. Let this darkness be a bell tower/ Rainer Maria Rilke
  791. A Woman’s Glass Eye/ Richard Weaver (page 66 in journal)
  792. One Art/ Elizabeth Bishop
  793. Wild Turkey/ Heid E. Erdrich
  794. First Fig/ Edna St. Vincent Millay
  795. Echo/ Pura López-Colomé 
  796. Ode to Gray
  797. Silver/ Walter de la Mare
  798. A Bird, came down the Walk (359)/ Emily Dickinson
  799. from Grayed In/ Martha Collins
  800. from My Private Property/ Mary Ruefle
  801. from To Theo van Gogh (a letter from Vincent Van Gogh to his son)
  802. [Here on this edge I have had many diminutive visions.]/ Diane Seuss
  803. Fog/Giovanni Pascoli
  804. In the Fog/ Giovanni Pascoli
  805. Mist/ Alice Oswald
  806. Spirits of the Dead/ Edgar Allen Poe
  807. Little Grey Dreams/ Angelina Weld Grimké
  808. First Grade/ Ron Koertge
  809. nunatak/ Jane Lovell
  810. from “Gravel” in The Leaf and the Cloud/ Mary Oliver
  811. That Bright Grey Eye/ Hilda Morley
  812. The Small Hours/ Dorothy Parker
  813. Psalm with Near Blindness/ Julia B. Levine
  814. To a Wreath of Snow/ Emily Brontë
  815. Psalm with Wren in Daylight Saving Time/ Julia B. Levin
  816. Maybe Alone On My Bike/ William Stafford
  817. sunrise through mount vernon, wa/ Jasmine Khaliq
  818. With A Song/ Christina Pugh
  819. Praise/ Michelle Poirier Brown
  820. Dead Stars/ Ada Limón
  821. A White City/ James Schuyler
  822. Window/ Fiona Apple
  823. Window 3/ Wendell Berry
  824. Winter Journal: Disseminate Birds Over Water/ Emily Wilson
  825. Owl/ Anne Haven McDonnell
  826. Owl/ Anne Haven McDonnell
  827. DECEMBER FLIGHT/ Seymour Maynes
  828. Here All Alone/ Michael Kleber-Diggs
  829. Blizzard/ Linda Pastan
  830. Blink/ Donna Vorreyer
  831. I’m not Faking My Astonishment, Honest/ Paige Lewis
  832. Lit/ Andrea Cohen
  833. I Went Out to Hear/ Leila Chatti
  834. Pot of Gold/ Ingrid Wendt
  835. Soft Thunder/ Jake Skeets
  836. The Puddle/ Wisława Szymborska 
  837. Mom Hires a Stunt Double/ Todd Dillard
  838. A Stranger/ Saeed Jones
  839. Alone and Not Alone/ Carl Sandburg