on this day

Sometime in 2021, I added a feature to my running log: On this Day. It uses a plugin my husband Scott created to post all of your entries, through the years, written on today’s date. Since I’ve been writing in this log for more than 5 years, and almost daily, I have a lot of entries (as of March 14, 2022: 1449 entries). It’s fun and useful to look back on what I’ve written in the past. And, it’s fascinating to witness many different versions of Sara next to each other.

I like using this plugin:

  • to track changes in the weather from year to year
  • to see how my volume of running has changed
  • to rediscover poems I’ve posted in the past
  • to be reminded of what I was doing, and to double-check my memories with the “facts” as they were recorded when they happened
  • to remember how I felt in the early days of training for a marathon or studying poetry or living through COVID, and to witness how my feelings have changed (or not) as I’ve become used to these things
  • to find inspiration/ideas for new experiments/poems/essays in my old words
  • to rediscover the words of others that I had posted and forgotten
  • to hang out with past Saras
  • to witness (some of) the origins of a piece of writing (a poem, an essay)

Some On This Day Summaries