Here is the original about page for this project:

About this Project

On October 1 2017, I will be running the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. My first marathon. I’ve been running since June of 2011 and finally feel ready to take on the distance. As part of a celebration and sustained focus on running, and to help keep me inspired and motivated over the long months of training, I’ve decided to embark on a new story project about running.

Inspired by Poverty Creek Journal, which I just finished reading, this story project is structured around a daily log of my training. As I briefly record some details of my run, I hope to add in reflections on running, reading, writing, thinking, feeling, engaging, surviving (post-2016) and being/becoming.

Update: 2 September 2017

On August 4th, my kneecap slipped out of place and then slipped back in again. It has caused a lot of problems: a swollen knee, a quad that won’t fire, a leg that won’t straighten, or lift when straight, a body/spirit that can’t run for at least a month and, most likely, the end of a marathon dream. This final verdict on the marathon will come early next week, but I’ve already (mostly) accepted that it’s over.

Not running in the marathon is deeply disappointing, but not the end of this project, which was never really just about training for a marathon but about fully engaging, paying attention, discovering how to train, developing new relationships with my body and learning how to write and how to live, joyfully and with less reticence. I will continue to do all of these things and, when healed, to run.