july 12/SWIM

1 loop
cedar lake open swim
75 degrees

Swam with FWA. He decided that this would most likely be his last open swim — he finds swimming across the lake to be boring. I would have liked to swim more with him if he had liked it but I could tell he didn’t and it isn’t much fun for me either when he swims so leisurely and for so little — always only 1 loop. It’s difficult for me to swim that slowly; I find it boring too, and cold. Brr.

As we stood in the water, about to start, FWA noticed some fish nibbling at his toes. They weren’t that big, but much bigger than the little minnows I’m used to. After we were done, FWA told me about how a much bigger fish bumped into his side on his way across — the fish left a red mark! In the 10 years I’ve been doing open swim club, I don’t think a fish has ever bumped into me.

Anything else? The water was a little clearer, but I still couldn’t see much. No fish sightings. Passed over the vegetation growing up from the bottom. No planes or big birds or boats crossing my path.

The water was smooth and clear and felt good. I look forward to swimming a lot more loops when I come here next Monday!