sept 27/RUN

3.05 miles
2 trails
63 degrees
humidity: 84% / dew point: 60

Feeling a little better on day 5 of my cold. Still difficult to breathe, but maybe that was more because of the humidity and not my congestion. It rained again last night so everything was wet, the dirt trail muddy, squeaky, soaked leaves. Heard some kids shrieking (with glee) near Dowling.

Listened to cars, my feet, kids yelling, water dripping as I ran south and on the Winchell Trail. Climbed the 38th street steps and put in Olivia Rodrigo. Also, took this picture at the bottom of the 38th street steps:

on the west side of the mississippi river, looking through some yellowish reddish orangish leaves to the pale blue-gray river. On the far edge of the river, you can glimpse a red tree on the east side of the river. Fall is here, winter is coming.
slowly, my view of the river is returning / 27 sept 2023

leaf trypthych

one: One of the trees that I watch out for every fall has turned a glorious orange. Wow! Not neon orange, but a warmer, pinky orange. This tree is on the edge of the 44th street parking lot, next to the bike rack, after the trail that winds down to the Winchell Trail, before the trail that crosses the double bridge. It’s a maple (I think).

two: Running on “the edge of the world” — the spot on the Winchell Trail that climbs and before it curves looks like you will fall off into empty air — everything suddenly became lighter. This was partly because the trees have less leaves here and there are less trees, but mostly because the leaves at the bottom of the hill were green, while the leaves at the top were a soft yellow.

three: After I finished my run, walking back, I passed under a tree and suddenly noticed it was snowing yellow leaves. Leaf after soft yellow leaf slowly drifting down to the ground, looking like snow if snow were a gentle, glowing yellow. I love snowing leaves. 

I’m trying to practice noticing smells this week. Not sure I can ever find 10 smells, but here’s today’s list:

Smells I Noticed

  1. wet earth — musty
  2. the trace of sewer stench — sour, unpleasant, above the river on edmund
  3. sewer stench, full blast, above the ravine near the 35th street parking lot — sour, like rotten eggs, or used diapers
  4. smoke from a fire down in the gorge

I think that’s all I remember. I need more practice.

Found this poem the other day by Kelli Russell Agodon. It was posted on Verse Daily — a great resource for poems!

The Hum of the Living/ Kelli Russell Agodon

Tonight, what haunts me is remembering 
the Helpful Instructions for the Dying 
pamphlet the hospice worker gave me. 

It’s subtle but it’s not, like finding 
a pocketknife in your favorite birch, 
like the last bedroom she wandered in, 
she wondered in, her last inhale. 

When the hospice worker said, Listen
to a song that gives you hope
, I said 
it’s the hum of the living, the sound 

of dishes being set in the kitchen sink,
they remind me—life is here

All those years of wishing 
for quiet, for calmness, for less clutter—
protect the chaos with your life.