jan 14/CORE

15 minutes
yoga mat, bedroom
outside: -2 degrees, feels like -21

I’m trying to incorporate some core exercises into my training. I’m 49 and I know if I want to keep running for several more decades, I need to think about (and do something about) things like my core — what did they call it before core became the trend? Abs?

What types of attention/writing/creating experiments can I do with my core exercises? Maybe something connected to the core as center, sturdy, sound, robust, stable, solid, durable.

Here are the core exercises I tried today, most of which came from this post: 12 great core exercises

  1. bent arm plank — 40 seconds
  2. 10 push-ups
  3. 15 dead bugs (love these)
  4. 15 bird dogs
  5. 12 supermans
  6. 12 Single leg glute bridge
  7. 15 In and Outs
  8. 15 Runner’s crunch
  9. 15 Reverse crunch
  10. Side Planks — 40 seconds on each side
  11. 15 Side leg lifts

Am I doing these right, and are they the right exercises to do? We’ll see. If I had access to a pool, I would just swim laps, but I don’t this year.

Here’s the window poem of the day, which I found while listening to my window playlist:

Windows/Rachel Sherwood

From this height
the sunset spans the whole world
before me: houses and trees are shadows
neon flares between them like sudden fire
the freeways run, always
strangely vacant with riderless cars
empty air

the windows up here
refract the blue slate and rose light
making the hills on the horizon collide
with ideas of Sussex, piedmont
or the cold clear wind of the Abruzzi
but that is never what is out there.

At home, the lamp curls its aurora
into the corners of the room
and out the windows
squares, rectangles of light
stake out a territory on the ragged lawn.

In the center of things
between the pressing of the window and air
— a small space —
there is a meeting that defines
nothing, everything.

Love this idea of the small space as meeting defining nothing and everything.