year 4


2020 Log Entries
What the Fuck 2020?

MILES RUN: 1003!

Big Poetry Project: Mood Rings

Poems I Like

A Poem for Each Month

For my January and February poems, I read through the log entries from 2017-2020 for the chosen month, picked out some details I wanted to spend more time with, and had fun experimenting with how to shape them into a poem. In March, the pandemic hit and I felt less inspired to use a certain method. The goal now: creating poems that help me endure this difficult, scary time. The only rules: the poem is, in some way, about the month, was written during that month, and uses alliteration in the title.

Summer Experiments

This summer I’m memorizing poems grouped by themes. I spend a few days on each poem, reflecting on it individually and in relation to the larger theme.