june 8/RUN

5.85 miles
ford loop
70 degrees

A good run, but a hard run. Stopped at the overlook near ford bridge, almost 4 miles in to admire the river — blue and still. No rowers or waves or river boats. After my stop, I ran for a few minutes, walked for a few the rest of the way. By the end, my legs were sore — not like I had an injury, but like I should have drank more water or eaten more food before I left.


was this really what I heard/saw?

a walker talking to another walker: it was because she was so flat!
as she said the word flat she gestured with her hands like she was demonstrating a flat chest.

wordle challenge

june 7: 4 tries —


The bread will be on the table
The moon will orbit the earth
The grubs will become beetles
The crumb will be carried away by the ant.

If bread is to butter
as orbit is to center
and grubs are to beetles
to whom does the crumb belong?

Each face in the street is a slice of bread (W.S. Merwin)
a previously undiscovered moon orbiting a planet (dear, beloved/ sumita chakraborty)
grubs without a voice (millennium, six songs/ marilyn chin)
the crumbs of shadow (Sylvia Plath), the crumbling of elemental rust (Emily Dickinson

june 8: 5 tries


To reach
my waist
the pansy
will need to grow
taller than this salsa bowl
made from balsa wood

as I reach the edge of the garden
my waist brushes against the tall grass
as a yellow pansy stares with its sad purple eyes.
Through the kitchen window, I see my sister cutting jalapenos for a salsa
my mom improvising popsicle sticks from leftover balsa wood