bike: 8.5 miles
lake nokomis and back
72 degrees
9:00 am (there) / 10:45 am (back)

10 Things I Noticed While Biking

  1. more than 1 dragonfly flying in my face
  2. a car recklessly passing another car on the narrow river road, honking furiously
  3. less wind today — the only wind today was the wind I made moving on my bike
  4. 2 birds having an intense exchange of chirps and cheeps — CHEEP! chirp! CHEEP!
  5. my bike rattling as I went over the big cracks that I was unable to avoid
  6. a pair of speedy bikers talking loudly as they passed me — what were they talking about? now I can’t remember
  7. hearing a lifeguard’s voice through the speaker, directing other lifeguards on where to put the orange and green buoys as I neared the beach — I learned today, after overhearing the lifeguards talking to each other, that they direct some of the lifeguards by talking through the speaker and others by taking secretly through walkie talkies
  8. so much more crowded on the way back — lots of bikes and walkers and runners using the bike path instead of the walking trail
  9. biking back from the lake, there were kids at the Nokomis Rec Center for summer camp — my kids did those camps for 8 years. It was awesome
  10. passed a surrey on the path on the rim of Minnehaha Falls park

swim: 2 loops
lake nokomis beach
72 degrees
9:30 am

10 Things I Noticed While Swimming

  1. half of the sky was a clear blue, half was convered in feathery clouds
  2. the water was smooth — no chop today!
  3. I couldn’t see the orange buoys at all until I got within 20 or 30 feet of them, but it didn’t matter because I used the silver bottom of the rowboat the guide me
  4. a few silver flashes below me
  5. entering the lake, the water was green at the edges — why was the water green? what does that mean? looked it up and it means there’s lots of algae near the surface
  6. a black (at least it looked black to me) plane flying above the lake
  7. one duck floating near the yellow paddleboats
  8. exiting the lake, a kid calling out to an adult, “why is the water so green today?” “green?” “yeah, green right by the edge.”
  9. very small particles, illuminated by the sun, floating in front of me, being stirred up by the motion of my hand
  10. the far buoys — the orange one near the little beach, the green one near the big beach — were closer to shore than usual, almost right next to the white buoys. I didn’t mind; more of the lake to swim in!