june 23/SWIM

3 loops
lake nokomis open swim
80 degrees

Another amazing day for swim! Almost perfect. Felt strong and fast and relaxed. No anxiety about not being able to see. Who could, swimming straight into the sun?

Noticed at least one plane, but don’t remember any birds — no ducks or seagulls. No swan boats or sailboats. Saw something below me — either fish or milfoil reaching up from the bottom.

Between loops 2 and 3, another swimmer approached me. I’m sorry but I just have to tell someone about this: for the first loop my watch says 1000 yards, the second loop is 389!

Exiting the water, I walked past a group of young kids busy at work, building sandcastles and observing little fish in the moats they had made. What the — one kid kept repeating.

The lifeguards really have their shit together this year. Buoys always on course, and set up early. I’m impressed and grateful. I must add them to my “people with their shit together” list.

The only other thing I’d like to remember is that today was an ideal summer morning. The kind of morning I’ll remember and long for in late February/early march.

wordle challenge

5 tries: heart / spent / edict / comet / COVET

heart racing
limbs spent
an edict from body:
stop! rest!

Lost in the dream of motion — fuzzy head glowing arms
I become comet and glide across the watery sky.

a synonym of covet is crave:

An ear worm from last night — nostalgia for the 80s and childhood.